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Conversational Commerce

Messaging opens new touch points to reach customers on different channels for you to initiate conversations and re-engage.

John Doe

Capture, qualify & convert leads automatically & cheaper.“10X marketing Studio continuously helps you get more value out of Conversational marketing, driving your customer acquisition costs down by 50%.”

The goal is to pre-qualify lead and acquire the contact information of people that are interested in your products or services.

Prospect, qualify and acquire customers in a single conversation and 1-to-1 personalisation.

Every great relationship starts with a conversation. 80% customers are more likely to buy simply based on engaging and personalised brand experience

  • Always respond with the right information in the moment that matters most.
  • Scale one to one conversations that are sensitive to context and preferences.
  • Automate personalized re-engagement messages to drive more conversions.
  • Scale frictionless experiences and let engaging conversations do the work

Drive unprecedented engagement that your customers will love. “10X Marketing Studio can help you automate and customize all conversational interactions”

Omnichannel marketing is an approach that provides customers with a completely seamless and integrated shopping experience from the first touchpoint to the last. That means that each channel works together to create a unified message, voice, and a brand for your company.

Using the right channel at the right time  is key when it comes to getting a customer’s attention and driving action at their highest intent of purchase. You can now connect with your customers across platforms with personalized conversations to fit their preferences.

Make it easy for your existing and new customers to get in touch and start meaningful conversations. Examples of engaging pre-designed Conversation starters

  •  Product Recommendation
  • Product Browse
  • FAQ
  • Realtime Quiz
  • Feedback/Review
  • Welcome Series
  • Win-back series
  • Cart Abandonment
  • Order / shipping Convos and many more

Capture and convert organic traffic on your website or checkout pages. After all its all about starting conversations.

With Conversational Marketing you are limited ONLY to your imagination. Here are few Viral campaigns to boost your sales

  • Referrals
  • Birthday / Anniversary / Days ( Valentine / Mothers..etc )
  • Coupons
  • Giveaway campaign

These are the Entry Points that are available to initiate a conversation

  • Facebook Page
  • REF Link
  • Click to Ad – Send to Messenger
  • Messenger link from Website
  • FB Comments Autoreply
  • Sms message
  • Link in email

With each new conversational message you start a conversion game.

Viral Giveaways

Live Chat Handover

Qualifying Quiz

Product Recommend

FOCUS on conversational commerce & STOP leaving money on the table

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 and Omni-Channel to your existing sales funnel.
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