Digital Marketing Agency

Unique Marketing Strategy for Real Estate

 We Focus on Getting Leads
You Focus on Closing Deals

Get Targeted Leads

Best in class lead generation ads, that use long form filtering, so all the non-leads are weeded out even before they enter our system.

State of the art CRM

Our state of the art CRM nurtures and follows up with your leads, sets up appointments right into your calendar and so much more that you'll be stunned

Marketing Automation

Engage leads with seller/buyer flows,
Drip campaigns over email, sms and messenger for 3 - 6 months to nurture leads.
Integrate leads with CRM for follow-up

What we Do

Reach new prospects with complete automated Facebook lead capture system – we setup for you.

Why we Do

Save Time, Quantity vs Quality Leads and to Keep things as Simple as Possible.

Save Time with Marketing Automation

Auto-engage, Auto-nurture, Auto-followup, auto user info collect, auto lead notify, drip campaign for 3 – 6 months, triggers based on if this then that, auto segment, pre-qualify leads, get rid of repetitive tasks and save countless hours so you can FOCUS on closing DEALS.

Get Targeted Leads

KNOW THIS. Your prospect spends 10X more time on social media than listing sites. We run fb campaigns with laser targeted ads

  • EXCLUSIVE LEADS – We’ll generate exclusive leads in your area. So never share your leads again.
  • QUALIFIED LEADS – We’ll send you only qualified leads with full contact information. Full Name, Phone, Email, Price Range.
  • CONSISTENT LEADS – Generate buyer/seller/letting or investors leads through different ad campaigns surrounding your area consistently. 

Manage Everything in one place.

With our state of the art CRM –   Get all leads in one place, send emails, sms, keep notes for each client all their conversations, calenders, appointments booking, cloud based, add employees, landing pages, reporting, dashbaord, analysis, contacts, lead opportunity pipeline, get reviews from users.

We’re on a mission to make your lead capture experience better.

Why? Because we are passionate about growth and driven by your success. When you convert a lead and close the deal – we feel ecstatic that we were part of that journey.

Get Inexpensive and Qualified Leads in your area Consistently